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The Melancholy & Album of Drossel von Flügel
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The Melancholy & Album of Drossel von Flügel
Posted on: July 20th, 2009 by Kam

Last week, the postman came and delivered Drossel within a week from HLJ.
Thats quite fast, I normally get packages in 2 weeks..



Now Drossel looks all fine and dandy.
But like many others, her shoulder joints were rock solid.

I did the hairdryer trick.
One arm survived, the other finally moved after a small crack formed.
Not sure if you can see it, but it’s inside the red circle.


I’m lucky that it didn’t totally break off, but this still gives some problems.
In “the Melancholy of Yuki Nagato” on my site, her left arm broke off and now it’s glued stuck in the same pose forever.
Well, she rarely uses that arm and it still can make the nice guitar pose. But if Drossel’s would snap off, I’m screwed.
I have to be extra careful while moving it. Instead of pushing the arm forward from hanging, I have to rotate the whole arm in the opposite direction, since the arm would snap off otherwise.
Lots of Drossel head removing is in my future..



Drossel, being the princess she is, can’t quite grasp the problem and is now considering a singing career in the near future.

Anyways, I’m wondering what GSC is planning to do with all these reports of Drossels breaking all over the world. It’s quite frustrating..

Now Drossel was delivered in a week. I’ve been waiting 30 days now for my Rebuild Evangelion Revoltechs from HLJ. And it’s still not here.
You can see how depressed 00 is about this.


Thinking about not bringing Drossel on my vacation to England with this development (I was planning a Drossel tours England photoshoot). I’m too scared to rotate that arm now.

As for Drossels singing career..


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