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Anime-Envoy Corner~! #5
Figures & Merchandise
Anime-Envoy Corner~! #5
Posted on: March 4th, 2009 by Kam

(Late) February edition!
As usual, Meister buys too much stuff that his room is starting to lack space (It’s a very small room).

Without further rambles,

This issue featuring bio-mech’s, bunnygirls and meatbuns!

First up,

Figma Tohsaka Rin! One of the Heroins of Fate/Stay Night (Heavens Feel route, I take it).
She comes together with the Azoth sword and Jewel Sword Zelretch. And a spare face and the usual figma hands. As extra hands, it has a set with her magical jewels. If I had a Berserker the size of a combined Megazord toy, I might’ve re-enacted the Einzbern Forest scene.

Revoltech Evangelion 02!
Red, cool and spicy. Comes with the weapon the mass production units use.
Meister had to drill the holes of the extra hands a wee bit bigger though, since they were too small.

Following EVA 02..

The (American) produced Evangelions, Unit 03 and 04!
You might remember them from one blowing up half of America during activation and the other being invaded by an Angel (Which was then destroyed by dummy-system EVA 01).
Though you gotta buy them separate, Meister sees them as a set.
Both come with the same weapons and extra body parts. Without the usual black Revoltech standee though. Make those poses wisely!

Yet another Revoltech,

Revoltech Suzumiya Haruhi, in her bunny outfit!
She’s from the Revoltech Fraulein series, so you can’t make too absurd poses which no normal human could do.
For items, she comes together with signature guitar and a SOS-dan sign for advertising.

Now for something different,

The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Special Edition DVD Box set (That was a mouth full).
Has the first two DVD’s in a nice sturdy box, which opens with the mouth.
As extras it has Yoko visits GAINAX and the like. But you also get a Core Drill which can make a green light.

We also have the Modoki’s today!
Though one of them will leave Meister’s side after the next convention (He bought it together with another person).
Black Mokona from xxxHolic and White Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle (Though magic Knight Rayearth might work too..)
They’re fluffy, cute and you can stick them to your window.
See the surprised faces of your neighbors!

Also a small Len (Melty Blood) that can you drill into a keychain:

As for a bonus.

Evangelion 02 – Gurren lagann GATTAI!!
(+Haruhi’s guitar).

Nagato’s arm has been repaired. Huzzah!

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