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  • Anime-Envoy Corner~! #3

    Anime-Envoy Corner~! #3

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    Posted on: December 15, 2008 by Kam

    It’s 3.. Right? I totally forgot..

    Gin-chama returns to ramble about Kam’s stuff on the internet once again!!
    Three items for the third time (EH!?), would be four if Kam didn’t forget to make a photo of a manga.. *sigh* Next time, then.

    Today we kick off with–!! Eh? Nani? ………What is this?
    Chocolate? Biscuits? Oh, wait. That~!!!
    It looks like Kam-sama finally found some pocky snacks!! Really, I heard these are a *bleep* to find in these parts of the country..
    Anyways, they’re biscuit sticks covered in chocolate and very very yummy. Though others tend to stare weird at you when you keep them in your mouth like a cigar~

    Ah! An actual merchandise item!
    This is a Gundam 3D Poster! What? You’re saying “3D? In MY Real Life?”.
    Well, basically… This poster has the gundam “sticking out”. Illusions ftw and all that. Ara~?

    And the item of the day.. Ayu!!!!!!! Wait, didn’t we had this last time as well?
    This time it’s the Movic version of Kanon’s Tsukimiya Ayu! Happily smiling and even a child to boot!!
    Wait, child..?
    This can’t mean..
    Oh, Kam-sama, you devil~
    You couldn’t even be a father if you tried to~
    (Authors notes: ;_;)

    This PVC figure of Tsukimiya Ayu is accompanied by a Christmas Chibi Ayu! She’s adorable, isn’t she??
    We’re totally into the season now!

    Well that was today’s Anime-Envoy Corner~!
    See you next time :D

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