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Exit Doomsweek
Exit Doomsweek
Posted on: November 10th, 2008 by Kam

Whew…. I somehow managed.
Passed the math test, the solicitation looked like it went good. However, I still haven’t gotten any response from the commercial-guy, whom I had to animate for.

I’ll upload that one later in the week for giggles. Will edit it a bit though, still not completely satisfied with the audio.

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting in a sparkling new laptop. “Rein Zwei”.
Sadly, it’s ram and disk space are double the space of my PC… >.> It puts “Rein Eins” to shame. I’ll mostly use it for graphimedia, so it’s a good thing to have. The thing might be full with .psd’s by the end of the month.

Also, glorious news!
I am going to an Anime con :o
So far I only went to gaming cons like Gameplay here, but there shouldn’t be too much of a difference. They have some contests going on. I’m trying to get a friend to go dressed up as Goku while I give an attempt at a decent AMV. *shrug*

Well, it’s somewhere in January. I’ll fill you lot in about it more when we’re closer to the date.

So… I guess expect a comic (or 2?) in the weekend again? Might edit some stuff in the script since I skipped Halloween. Everyone is out of that mood already anyways. Just have to drag myself through this sluggish week….

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