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A Battle Between Magical Loli's
A Battle Between Magical Loli’s
Posted on: August 17th, 2008 by Kam

To get this across first, I have come to announce you dear visitors that your comic author is slacking off again and has postponed the comic for Sunday night or somewhere on Monday (That GMT+1, btw). For reasons I cannot argue with, since my time is being used playing the same thing.

Magical Battle Arena!

A fight between magical loli’s like Sakura from CCS, Nanoha from well, Nanoha and heck, even Lina from Slayers. Who might fit in the loli department at some eh.. categories.

So far, we’ve been unlocking original characters, like Lagann-tan (Ok, not her real name but LOOK AT THOSE DRILLS! She pierces the heavens with em!) and the final boss of the game, Nowel (Who is overpowered in my opinion. Try fighting 5 Nowel’s at a time. Yea~).

It’s a great new doujin game and I suggest all of you who love fighting games, especially ones involving girls, to get it. I know you want to.


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