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  • Medition of the Artist

    Medition of the Artist

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    Posted on: April 5, 2008 by Kam

    Well after the whole London ordeal, several things changed which kinda put my real life upside down. From emotional problems (definitely not a la Shinji/Evangelion), laziness (the usual), end-of-school-period nearing and general bad situations.


    After traveling through my head in a “search for myself” through deep meditation, a lot of catch-up sleeping and reading manga, I think I’m almost back to 100%.
    During these travels I realized I’m in a state of boredom and have this feeling that I have nothing to do, or plainly refuse to do anything because it’s boring. And I have to kick that out of my head before I start thinking eating falls into that category (though I admit that I haven’t eaten a lot this week).
    My conclusion fell upon that my Hikokimori-field was degrading and that I was craving for the outside world, how shitty it may be in this neighborhood. But that’ll be a story for another day.

    During these meditations and reading manga, and consulting with Tycho, we will bring sooner or later a great plan into action:
    I was thinking about a joined project with all oldschool members of the site, who would be:
    Kyle, Haitani, Tycho, Mark and me. Though I have no idea where Haitani is on the globe nowadays (Wasn’t he on a world-tour or something?). Tycho already has something set up and I have left him in charge of this story arc. Besides that, I might revive one of the old plans I have hidden in a desk which would’ve originally followed the current “Chapter 03: Seasons at Dawn”.

    Requiem comic will be up on Sunday, where afterwards I’ll return to the usual schedule.
    Now, faithful readers and random guest visitors.. Here’s a call of destiny.
    In other words, please click a lot on the TWC Buttons on the Anivoy/Maio/Requiem pages and our button on Comic Rank.
    That week being #2 sure felt good.. But of course, we’ll aim for the top! FOR #1!


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