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  • To London!

    To London!

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    Posted on: March 29, 2008 by Kam

    Yesterday morning we returned from London. Then till dinner, I took a nap.
    That was one of the best naps I ever had.
    Still have a slight headache, but I’ll figure something out about the comic.

    London, great place when you aren’t forced to do school assignments.
    The hostel itself was kinda meh. The relax room was awesome, having a pooltable and comfy chairs. The disco was too loud and our room was right above it.
    And the free breakfast sucked in general. Now the bathrooms, things were growing in there.

    We visited the Science Museum and another one with some earthquake-like crack in it. Forgot the name. Also did a theater-practice imagining a piece of paper was a bird and “A what? A what? A what? It’s a Tic! A What? A Tac! Ah, it’s a tac. A what?” That was some braincell killing practice right there with ~25 people. We managed though. The Banksy hunt was a hellhole as well. Since a big chunk of his graffiti was removed that we had to look. So hours of aimlessly walking around, we get called by another group who finds one in the sewers. Lovely. It also has a rat problem.

    What more… Ah, yes. Me and some friends got stuck for hours because there was something about a suspected bomb in the Underground. So we looked around for a place to eat and ended up at KFC after some more walking (After those days, my feet screamed “kill me”).
    Great fun in there. Paperbags turning into superheroes, those Chickenbuckets and drinkbuckets turning a guy into Bucketman (Bucket on head, hands and in Mouth. Yes, in the mouth.)
    A lot of people were looking funny at us, but we didn’t care. We had to do SOMETHING before the Underground was open again so we could return to the Hostel.

    Eventually we got there and rested. Three of us used our coats as a blanket on the couch. It was warm and comfy :3
    Then at 11pm we departed with the bus back to Holland. From about 1 to 4am we watched movies, tried to sleep, played Mario Kart DS, tried to sleep some more.. Well.. A lot of us didn’t even sleep. Including me. Hence the nap at the start of the post was the best one ever ^^”

    Though now after getting back home, behind the pc.. There’s just a big emptiness in me. It was so much fun, I just want to go back with my friends. It’s nice to forget about everything once in a while. Ah~ Bliss.

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