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March Planning, Onwards!
March Planning, Onwards!
Posted on: March 10th, 2008 by Kam

So with a weekend + a free day + a half free day all after each other, I have concluded that I can draw a comic somewhere in that timespan when I’m motivated enough.

So! As a final decision, Requiem will now we updated on Tuesday’s and Saturdays! (Odd days, I know. it just works out better for me).
Let the festivities begin!

Now onward to another subject.
A game. We’re making a game. Yes, a game. A game of a specific webcomic you people read on here. School assignment though, so that’s grabbed nicely. Fun for you and good grades for us!
Just don’t get your hopes up too high, since it’s our first time actually hardcoding actionscript. It might even fluke. “>.>

This week’s bonus:
Started Karas, Sketchbook, Rosario + Vampire and Shigofumi.
Will cry manly tears when Clannad ends in three episodes. I just know it.
That’s one of the things I’ve learned after Kanon and Air. A Bawfest.


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