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Akira's Done For
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Akira’s Done For
Posted on: February 24th, 2008 by Kam

Okay, I’m not very keen on Live-Action adaptions on Anime. Though I am looking forward to Evangelion, because.. An EVA-fan is actually directing it. I have faith he won’t butcher it up. And WETA-Workshop is doing the effects. Should be promising.
Death Note was okay but.. Why wasn’t Misa blond? Don’t get me started on Negima where they have all the colors of the rainbow in the anime but black/brown in the LA-movie.

But now another one pops up. Hollywood (Doomed for sure).
That is one of those childhood action anime: AKIRA.

And now you ask, who was crazy enough to bring up that idea?
Let me quote the article from BBC news:

“Leonardo DiCaprio is to produce a live-action version of anime classic Akira, according to Hollywood Reporter.”

You think that’s bad? Eat this:

“Unlike the original, the new movie will be set in New Manhattan, a city rebuilt with Japanese cash.”

Hollywood does it again. Butchering movies one at a time!
Like hell Japan would fund an American city.

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