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O' Cold Old World
O’ Cold Old World
Posted on: January 31st, 2008 by Kam

So the more time I actually am on time to step into the tram (For you non-dutch, think the Subway. Only thinner), the more people I start to recognize. Some I rather wouldn’t though.

There are a few who just stand out.
For starters, about ~9 Asian adult males, who all step out at the same stop. No idea why, but I’ve dubbed them the “Asian Trade Federation”. They sync-walk, too. Quite funny to see them every morning.
Then there’s “Loudmouth”. He’s a kid who probably has some brain-disorder or something, as he keeps shouting randomly or (badly) singing along very loudly with his iPod. He mostly sits in front, don’t think the driver likes him much.
Somewhere near the end where I step out a girl who looks a lot like Velma from Scooby Doo steps in. So figure out how I dubbed her: Velma.
Then there’s DS-Kid (Plays on his DS all the time, duh) and Dog-Commando (This guy ALWAYS wears some kind of army clothing and steps in together with his dog, figure out the math).
There are some worse folk, but they’re not worth mentioning. Haven’t even thought up names for them yet. No crazy adventures aside from those “I’m so gangstah I’m gonna drum on the windows and act cool” kind of kids. Who shortly after get kicked out. I’ll never understand those rap-loving folk.

Anywho, with the bad weather we’re having these days I caught up another cold. Soar throat and a headache along with it. Not the greatest fun I’ve ever had, but I’ll survive.

That be Kam’s random blabbering of today. Don’t miss the next one.
Same Kam-time, same Kam-channel

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