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Gurando sponsor, Tokyo day oh Christmas

Birthday, Wintersday, Christmas, Newyears etc..
Birthday, Wintersday, Christmas, Newyears etc..
Posted on: December 21st, 2007 by Kam

On Wednesday, it was my birthday. You’d think I didn’t post because I was doing “Party Hard” or something. Nope, wrong.
This whole week was filled with: Homework.

You read that right, homework.
I slept 3 hours everyday. My whole birthday wasn’t a party, no. It was drawing freaking sketches for school. ALL DAY LONG.
And then Thursday comes, you think you can finally relax and.. Nope!
Work you made earlier seemed to be wrong and you have to redo it! Haha!
Same goes for today! I’m trying to laugh it off, but punching myself seems so much easier! Yup, like with Requiem: I’ve lost my Sanity.

On a better note, I did finish the Calender commission. And it’s up on their site as well as my Deviantart.
And Anime-Envoy ofcourse :)
Only left with a Secret Santa now and then well.. I can actually start enjoying my vacation.
No wait, STILL HOMEWORK! More hellish work from Satan himself and a website to add, too!
I think it’ll take some time to heal these wounds..


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