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I Hate Irony
I Hate Irony
Posted on: October 23rd, 2007 by Kam

So I think “Yes! Vacation! I can do whatever the hell I want AND finally draw another comic! No homework!” Then a brick hit’s me and it seems I have to:
– Make a website
– Finish an Animatic (That’s a beta-Animation out of sketches, for you people who don’t know)
– Find 20 pictures of a lot of things for no other reason then getting a good grade. Some teachers are strange..
– Finish making a friggin’ pack o’ Juice in 3dmax
– Animate a monster-animal-thing in 3dmax
– Sleep

I am not actually amused with this. Whole schedule flopped, down the drain.
The Character profile is about 70% done. I can upload it, but it misses the guilds & allies. I have comic sketches all on my desk, which I still have to work out when I get some time. Wednesday for a few hours to the city to buy some winter clothing and ..

The thing I hate the most of all this is that when I look back, school IS taking a freaking chunk out of my life. Requiem #044 was from exactly a year ago. And where are we now? Requiem #076. That isn’t much progress if you exclude the small fillers.
I already know what I’ll do for the next year: Finish all real-life crap, then back to free for all drawing and playtime.

Yup. Reality kicked in. I’m screwed.

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