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Gurando sponsor, Tokyo day oh Christmas

Posted on: September 1st, 2007 by Kam

That’s it. No more promises.
It’s a hard fact: I suck at schedules.

Managed to finish two comics, rest are coming later. All depends on time/GW-eating-my-soul. I have to visit school for a few hours on Tuesday to “meet the new class” and all that. Which is pretty early in the morning for me.. So early to bed on Monday. Now just to wait & see if I’ll actually sleep.

Eye of the North is great so far. Reskinned Armors and the Hall of Monuments aside, the quests are great, the monsters are killing me and I’m just trying to make a living on my adventure.

Though I Did Manage to Slay the Evil Rabbit

Fun stuff. And Gwen’s my new lovey-dovey Echo Nuker. Just hope she doesn’t remember the flute incident.. And it wasn’t about Summer Band Camp..

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