Calling in Sick
Calling in Sick
Posted on: March 3rd, 2011 by Kam

So it appears I have caught the most dangerous illness in fiction: the cold/flu/something that looks like it.
Almost two weeks actually and it feels pretty horrible.
Two weeks back I only had some muscle cramps. Look at me now..
Feverish, headache, waterfalls of snot, coughing like a diehard smoker and feeling pretty weak overall.
Oh, and my wisdom teeth hurt.

Basically, I’m under a blanket 24/7, blowing my nose every now and then and slowly infecting the rest of the family while I watch Let’s Play Twilight Princess, because I’ll never play that game anyways and I’m just interested in the story and all that.

And sometimes, rip open a package. But I’ll save those pictures for the next post.
At least I survived going to the post office to send something off!!