Just wait a bit..
Just wait a bit..
Posted on: September 13th, 2008 by Kam

Don’t worry, double comic on the way.
Just be patient, it will be up today!
(Hey, that rhymed!)

One up, one more to go

Edit 2:
And done. Enjoy :)

Short Notice
Short Notice
Posted on: September 4th, 2008 by Kam

Yes, hi there.
if you haven’t noticed in the header of the Requiem-pages yet, it now says 2x a week instead of a specific day. Since it has become too common for me to miss a day, it’s for the best to not have such regulations.
Therefor, comics can pop in separately (example. Tuesday and Friday) or in a mini-batch (Both comics on the same day).
If the latter occurs, I’ll be sure to throw some giant letters on the pages that say so, so you won’t miss a comic :)
And if you really don’t want to miss, you can always F5 every day >i>or get the handy RSS feed, which tells you whenever a new comic has been uploaded.
As for now, comic tomorrow. Waiting for M.O.X. to get ingame. Expect him to have a guest-role in the near future! ^^

Requiem Fan-art gallery has also been updated.

Also, because I was bored cleaning my room…

Anime-Envoy Corner~! #1
Figures & Merchandise
Anime-Envoy Corner~! #1
Posted on: September 2nd, 2008 by Kam

Welcome dear visitors! To the first edition of “Anime-Envoy Corner~!”.
With your host, Gin-chama (That’ll be Cute Goddess for you)!

Today, the site’s admin, comic author and Gin-chama’s Master, went through the rain and winds of.. Hell.. on a quest for Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 11. Little did he know, what he would encounter on his journey..

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