An Avenger's Alice Battle Around the Campfire

An Avenger’s Alice Battle Around the Campfire

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 by Kam

And that title is what you get when mixing three different things..

First things first, two new Requiem comics are up. 86 and 87. More after the weekend I’d guess. Will Tsuki’s premonition come true!?


So I watched Avenger this week, all eps of it, and I don’t know.. I got mixed feelings after watching it. I had to google around to understand what actually just happened (Figure, not a single site explained it). Though all did say “mixed feelings” as well.
It’s one of those anime’s that tear up your mind so you’re left off wondering: Now what?
It’s kinda Claymore-ish (Or the other way around. This is from 2003, kids) with a doll/kid and a woman travelling the wastelands of friggin’ MARS. Oh, also a comic relief dollmaker stalking them. Either way, the main character, Layla, can be more emotionless than Rei Ayanami. Heck, she only says like 4 words every episode! It’s rare for more to come out. Either way, she only wants to kill the current ruler of Mars.
The last episode just leaves you with a blank stare. Just watch the series and you’ll understand. If someone here has seen the series and actually GETS it please tell me. It’s weird, since I understand Evangelion and Elfen Lied perfectly :S

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Akira's Done For

Akira’s Done For

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Posted on: February 24, 2008 by Kam

Okay, I’m not very keen on Live-Action adaptions on Anime. Though I am looking forward to Evangelion, because.. An EVA-fan is actually directing it. I have faith he won’t butcher it up. And WETA-Workshop is doing the effects. Should be promising.
Death Note was okay but.. Why wasn’t Misa blond? Don’t get me started on Negima where they have all the colors of the rainbow in the anime but black/brown in the LA-movie.

But now another one pops up. Hollywood (Doomed for sure).
That is one of those childhood action anime: AKIRA.

And now you ask, who was crazy enough to bring up that idea?
Let me quote the article from BBC news:

“Leonardo DiCaprio is to produce a live-action version of anime classic Akira, according to Hollywood Reporter.”

You think that’s bad? Eat this:

“Unlike the original, the new movie will be set in New Manhattan, a city rebuilt with Japanese cash.”

Hollywood does it again. Butchering movies one at a time!
Like hell Japan would fund an American city.

Into the Timemachine!

Into the Timemachine!

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Posted on: February 19, 2008 by Kam

Ah.. Even though we ain’t even at 100 comics yet, I kinda have this story stuck in my head so I’ll post it now anyways (I also renamed this thing to “Articles”. Makes more sense with my random blabbering about things).

*cough* *ahum*

Now, people might remember this.. From WAAAYYYY Back:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, not-so-oldschool readers!
Requiem for Sanity was originally with a cast of 4 Main Characters! And two of them weren’t even created in-game yet. Funny, that I made Raldy & Dansk months overdue :P

Now, Requiem for Sanity’s planning started shortly after the Guild Wars Factions Beta. I was kinda obsessed with my beta-Assassin at the time (Who is now the well-known Tsukimiya Sora). On Januray 23 2006, the first official preview of Requiem was showed in Webcomic “Anivoy” Issue #089. Later on two comics, kinda rantish.. But let’s forget those.
The first official comic of the Requiem comic started on February 1st 2006. Then real-life kicked in for a few months. Stupid.
As of official release, drastic changed were made. The introduction of Child-Gwen, Karuro, Mai, Tabris.. All characters who originally weren’t in the first concept sketches.

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Requiem Eyecatch Wallpaper!

Requiem Eyecatch Wallpaper!

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Posted on: February 11, 2008 by Kam

Downloadable/full versions (3 sizes) on the downloads page after clicking the image.
And deviant page as well.

This time’s wallpaper features the ranger Dansk and the mighty warthog Oink wearing those cool glasses which Squirtle and Kamina wear.
The pet-wolf Excel being kinda forgotten in the background.

Enjoy :)

Burning soul! Kick all your reason to the curb! This is AE v9.1!

Burning soul! Kick all your reason to the curb! This is AE v9.1!

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Posted on: February 8, 2008 by Kam

And I’m pretty darn satisfied with it! Small changes here and there. Least the main part still has the same links.

Now. I’m going to revamp the summaries sometime later, so there’ll be another post about it when it’s done. But now for the funky part, I managed to install a sweet comic-script which takes off a load of work for me!

If you go and read Requiem now, you might notice the lil update. We even have a RSS feed now! (If you don’t know what it is well.. Simple said, it shows the latest 10 comics as a bookmark thingy. At least, it does so in fire/lolifox)

I had to move the specials to separate pages, so those will still have to be uploaded manually. Darn :P
Hmm.. The old comic-pages might pose a problem, but I’m keeping those up still at v7.0. Maybe in the near future I’ll swap em all for a redirect to the new comic urls.
Maio vs Miao and Anivoy will be upgraded to it later on as well. You know how tiresome it was to re-upload 85 comics through it?

Now time to relax at Canthan New Year.
On that note, Happy Chinese New Year =)